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easy chocolate cake

I've blogged about chocolate cake before (a loooong time ago), but the recipe requires a good amount of cake-making technique, mainly due to the creaming of the butter & sugar.  I've witnessed plenty of people do this improperly (usually they don't let it go long enough), so I decided to re-vamp the old recipe. This recipe will make one 9-inch round or 12 cupcakes. Doubled, it will make two 9-inch rounds, three 8-inch rounds, or a 9 x 13-inch sheet cake (or 24 cupcakes, duh!). 1/2 tsp Read more [...]

medici bread pudding

When my wife and I visited Seattle, I took Rachel Ray's advice and visited Caffe Ladro (twice). The first time I went, I tried a standard latte -- the coffee by which I judge coffeehouses. It was very, very good -- smooth and sweet with a great mouth feel brought about by an expert barista who really knew how to froth the milk and pull a shot. The second time I went, I took RR's advice again and tried their Medici coffee, which is essentially a mocha spiced up with a bit of orange zest. That, Read more [...]