turkey time twenty-ten

Last year it was brined and high-temp-roasted.  The year before it was brined, air-dried, and spun around and around on the rotisserie.  The year before was my first year on the rotisserie; I burned the turkey because I hadn't figured out how to configure the burners on my gas grill.  (Turns out when you have a front-to-back three-zone grill you leave the middle one off.) This all goes to support the fact that, for a fairly traditional family, I'm given a lot of leeway with turkey techniques. Read more [...]

gaggia mdf grind settings chart

I've had a Gaggia MDF coffee grinder for a while.  It's a great "pro-sumer" burr grinder, with 34 distinct grind settings.  Over my history using it, I've really only used steps 5-6 (for espresso) and 30-34 (for French press).  Recently, I got into manual pour drip coffee (Hario/Clever).  Most people recommend a "medium-fine" grind, but there isn't a chart for my 34 settings that tells you where that is.  To help anyone out who has one of these, I decided to explore all 34 settings and figure Read more [...]

cook’s illustrated iphone app

The folks (everyone refers to them as "the folks") at Cook's Illustrated have come out with a pretty cool iPhone app.  Well, they probably hired someone, but regardless it's cool - especially if you are a subscriber to cooksillustrated.com When you install the app, you get a few recipes, but if you log in, you get access to all of their thousands of recipes.  I've actually dialed into cooksillustrated.com on my iPhone in the supermarket when I was trying to remember ingredients.  This will Read more [...]

sous vide chicken

There's really no meat that is better served by being cooked sous vide than chicken.  That's bold, considering how well pork does in the low-n-slow cooking environment, but it's true.  Maybe it's because chicken is so often mangled by being dry and overcooked or, worse yet, bloody, gelatinous, and undercooked.  The truth is that chicken (white meat in particular) has such a small window of perfection that if you miss it at all you wish you had ordered a pizza instead. The issue is mainly that Read more [...]

pizza napoletana at home

No way, right?  There's no way that you could replicate the intense heat of the wood-burning ovens of Naples, Italy, right?  I mean, Jeffery Steingarten tried: Not long afterward, I slid a raw pizza into a friend's electric oven, switched on the self-cleaning cycle, locked the door, and watched with satisfaction as the temperature soared to 800°. Then, at the crucial moment, to defeat the safety latch and retrieve my perfectly baked pizza, I pulled out the plug and, protecting my arm with a Read more [...]