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happy thanksgiving!

I've just returned to the world of food blogging after a couple of months off.  Anyway, I'm back just in time for Thanksgiving, the #1 eater's holiday of the year.  For starters, I'll link to some of my past Turkey Day recipes: the turkey is in the brine... mulled wine cranberry sauce ginger glazed carrots lemon garlic veggies (green beans, broccoli, etc.) maple cornbread spiced pumpkin bread As I looked over this list, I realized that I have never shared my recipes for stuffing Read more [...]

36 hours for cookies?

About two weeks ago, the New York Times Food Section published a story about one author's quest for chocolate chip cookie nirvana. In it, David Leite interviews several cookie pros in and around the Big Apple to identify some tips that could help home bakers find The Way with cookies:Rest your dough. Leite recommends at least 24 hours but mentions that 36 are even better.Under-bake your cookies. The key to a chewy cookie is to make sure it isn't cooked all the way through.Don't be afraid of salt. Read more [...]

[recipe review] simple, crusty bread from the NY Times

I got a chance to make Jeff Hertzberg's simple bread recipe from his book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day that was shared on the NY Times website. It is billed as being even quicker than Jim Lahey's "No-Knead" recipe that appeared in the NY Times about a year ago and it lives up to that billing -- you can follow this recipe and have a decent loaf of bread in about 3 hours.But that's just it -- the bread is only passable. I can make very good sandwich bread in three hours. This, however, is Read more [...]

the ny times loves simple bread recipes

This is the second "simple" bread recipe I've seen in the NY Times food section in a year. I've made Bittman's no-knead bread dough with success and look forward to trying this one, too. Both require a bit of special equipment -- Bittman's needs a dutch oven and Dr. Hertzberg's needs a pizza or quarry stone. Anyway, bread can be daunting for some. These recipes help to bring good, simple, home-baked bread to the table of anyone who has five minutes here and there... Adapted from Read more [...]