happy st. patrick’s day!

Thanks to my Aunt Theresa for snapping this photo!

At about 7:00 this morning, I pulled the briskets out of the brine and rinsed them per Ruhlman’s instructions. I sprinkled each of them with another tablespoon of The Spice House’s corned beef spice mix (mustard seeds, Moroccan coriander, Jamaican allspice, Zanzibar cloves, Turkish bay leaves, Indian dill seed, China #1 ginger, star anise, black pepper, juniper berries, mace and cayenne red pepper) and vacuum-sealed them.  They then spent about 9 hours in a 180F water bath (I used the Sous Vide Supreme to keep the temperature just right).

I pulled them out of their bags and reserved the exuded juices.  They were pretty salty (the briskets did spend 5 days in a salt brine), so I added about the same amount of water.  In went cabbage wedges, quartered potatoes, and baby carrots.  20 minutes later, everything was done and delicious!

A couple of notes about the corning process: there was a nickel-sized gray spot in the thickest part of the brisket where the brine/pink salt had yet to reach.  The grey spot just looked like normal cooked brisket and tasted fine, if under-seasoned compared to the rest. Another day in the brine would have probably cured that issue.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have weighed the briskets down so well — I think they may have been packed too tightly for the brine to circulate completely around them.

Everyone agreed that this was the best corned beef that they had ever eaten.  It was easy to pull off and will probably be a part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in perpetuity.

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