gaggia mdf grind settings chart

I’ve had a Gaggia MDF coffee grinder for a while.  It’s a great “pro-sumer” burr grinder, with 34 distinct grind settings.  Over my history using it, I’ve really only used steps 5-6 (for espresso) and 30-34 (for French press).  Recently, I got into manual pour drip coffee (Hario/Clever).  Most people recommend a “medium-fine” grind, but there isn’t a chart for my 34 settings that tells you where that is.  To help anyone out who has one of these, I decided to explore all 34 settings and figure out what brewing methods went with which grind.

Most of this won’t come as a surprise to home baristas, but I figured a handy chart couldn’t hurt — I found nothing like it out there when I went looking, so hopefully this helps others in my situation.

Just a reminder: the numbers/suggestions are just a starting point.  You will still have to test inside and outside the recommended ranges to find the sweet spot for your coffee & brewing method.  One click makes a difference, especially when it comes to finer grinds.

Click here for a downloadable PDF

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  1. Thanks for this table. I just ordered an MDF and this is going to be very useful. I use a V60 to brew my coffee and I’m wondering how MDF would work for that purpose. Does it produce a consistent grind for pour over? Will it improve the taste compared to my hand mill?

    1. As you’ve probably found out by now, the Gaggia MDF does indeed produce a very consistent grind from very fine to coarse.  I’ve never used a hand mill, so I don’t know how it compares or whether it will improve the taste of your morning Joe. It will definitely save you some work, though!  I personally use the Clever Coffee Dripper (sort of an idiot-proof V60) and think that setting #19 does the trick generally.

      Have fun experimenting!

  2. You Sir, are a life saver. Wanted a medium grind for Intelligentsia’s delicious Otono Blend for my drip coffee maker. Have the chart taped on the cupboard door where the Gaggia sleeps.

  3. Thank you, that is a Excellent chart that takes the guess work out of using the MDF grinder.
    I have have all but a moka pot listed and several others that are not listed.

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