happy thanksgiving!

I’ve just returned to the world of food blogging after a couple of months off.  Anyway, I’m back just in time for Thanksgiving, the #1 eater’s holiday of the year.  For starters, I’ll link to some of my past Turkey Day recipes:

As I looked over this list, I realized that I have never shared my recipes for stuffing or gravy — and those are my favorite parts of Thanksgiving!  I totally agree with Mario Batali when he says that the stuffing and the gravy “represent the most personal components of the meal.”
My family eats my mother’s stuffing.  Period.  Anything else is fine the other 364 days of the year, but on Thanksgiving it’s apples, onions, and celery sauteed with a bunch of butter, tossed with Pepperidge Farms plain stuffing mix and moistened with just enough turkey broth (made from the neck of the one who will end up on our plates) to bring it all together.  That’s it.
The gravy is simple as well — 1 TB each of butter and flour for every cup of turkey broth that ends up in the bottom of the roasting pan, cooked together to make a roux and then whisked into the defatted broth (plus any remaining broth from the neck and other turkey parts).  Maybe a little black pepper.  It’s simple, but it’s ours.  Anything different just isn’t Thanksgiving.
So here’s to your Thanksgiving traditions — may your turkey be juicy!

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  1. I was excited to try your maple cornbread and spiced pumpkin bread, but the link is broken/disconnected (the others are as well). Could you reconnect? I really want to try these recipes!

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