welcome to the zen kitchen

I don’t know what this is yet — or what it might become, but the name of the site kind of struck me one day as I was cooking. People do all sorts of things to relax, to become one with the world, to enter a state of zen-like meditation — essentially to reach their personal form of enlightenment. For me, it is being in the kitchen.

The kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to use many facets of human potential — creativity, experimentation, introspection, and love among others. The energy cultivated in the creation and communal consumption of a meal (or even just a loaf of bread) is distributed to both the cook and those he is feeding. So for me, practicing this art is one way that I give something back to humanity.

For someone who uses the kitchen as his refuge, the process and the product are of equal importance. Being “centered” while you cook is an essential ingredient in the final product. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, showed in his studies how intentions, music, prayers, and words could affect the inherent crystalline structure of water. In the spirit of his work, I believe the same elemental change can occur with food.

So what does this mean for this blog? I’m still not quite sure. I’ll write what my spirit moves me to write. I sincerely hope that I can give something back by this means. If you happen to read any entry and feel compelled to share something, feel free — I welcome your comments.

My best,

– Dominic

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