a little about me

I’m 27 years old, hold an undergraduate degree in music and a master’s degree in educational leadership/administration (both from Florida State University). I currently teach elementary music and aspire to enter the fiery cauldron we call public school administration.

I learned to cook at my parents’ and grandmother’s knees. My dad would smile and choke down whatever I served him for breakfast on Saturday mornings — even the horrible egg concoction that I made with every spice in the house. It had to have been disgusting, but he ate it nonetheless.

I was also influenced by PBS’s food television shows. My earliest memories are of watching Jeff Smith, Julia Child, Justin Wilson, and Martin Yan on Channel 2 in Fort Lauderdale. My love for cooking was cemented then.

When the Food Network premiered in the late 1990’s, I immediately fell in love. I’ve spent countless hours watching Emeril, Bobby, Mario, Wolfgang, Rachel, and Alton attack food and cooking in unique and different ways. Alton’s definitely my favorite, but I have to admit that Paula Deen and Ina Garten can make me stop in my tracks to take in what they are preparing.

Personally, I’ve been working at this craft for a while. During my undergraduate years, I cooked for a large group of friends once or twice a week. For three years, I made a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday before Turkey Day for the guys in my fraternity. I won my wife over with my culinary skills (she admits to having none, so this wasn’t particularly difficult). My family knows that when they get invited over for dinner, it’s going to be good.

Recently, I have gotten into baking and have embraced the more scientific qualities associated with this aspect of cooking. Homemade breads, cakes, and pastries pop up at my house randomly but consistently. My wife and I gained 10 pounds each when I was experimenting with finding the “perfect” chocolate cake for her — 5 cakes in 5 days will do that to you. Now, I’ve smartened up and give away my excess wares before I have the opportunity to indulge in them every time I pass by.

My journey through all of this has been thoroughly rewarding. If you’re interested in keeping up with my newest adventures, keep checking back 🙂

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